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My new email is

I'll try to keep people aware of what's going on at WRDSB here. 

If you have a concern, here's the order to take things in:

1. If the problem is contained to the classroom, talk to the teacher.

2. If the problem persists, or it affects more than just one class, talk to the principal.

3. If it problem continues, and it feels like nothing's being done, then see if the superintendent for that school can help. Let them know the actions you've taken and who you've worked with already. The list of superintendents for each school is here

NOTE: Some decisions are made entirely by the school administration and cannot be overruled by the school board. These include choices around timetabling classes, school dances, and celebrations. 

If you have a concern about curriculum, that's decided by the Ministry of Education. Contact your MPP


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Thank You For Your Support!

Thanks so much for all the support over my campaign -- to everyone who canvassed with me and for me, who took a sign for their lawn, who donated, all those who voted, and especially those who cheered me on with words of advice or encouragement through this process! I look forward to working hard for you over the next four years.

NOTE: Donations are no longer being accepted. 

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About Me

I've lived in Waterloo Region my entire life, starting school at Winston Churchill, then on to MacGregor and WCI, topped off with a victory lap at KCI. Then I went to WLU for an undergrad in philosophy and MA in Religion and Culture, then Western for teacher's college focusing on art and history, with a Specialist in Special Education. 


I'm a newly retired teacher up for a new challenge. I taught civics, social sciences, and philosophy at KCI for 30 years, where I organized board-wide conferences on gender equity and on race relations, ran a film festival for student films across public and separate boards, and focused on several environmental efforts like the OneEarth club, Envirothon and EcoSchools competitions, and a yearly Earthfest music festival. I became a teacher to help to engage students who, like me as a teen, sometimes struggled to recognize the benefits of an excellent education. I want to continue helping students get the best education possible. 


I'm great at making very complex concepts clear and easy to understand, which is useful for the job of a trustee. I review and critique books, documentaries, and lectures to create my own student resources at Thrice Removed. I'm also an avid cyclist and might have waved at you on the Bamburg Loop! I live in Waterloo with my three kids and many pets, where I've recently added to the cacophony by taking up the ukulele.

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