Marie Snyder
for WRDSB Trustee

Vote October 24


I'm running for WRDSB Trustee to be part of a team that helps to ensure optimal student achievement. I'm hard-working and willing to go the distance to advocate for student well-being and equity in schools. I recognize that what happens in schools now will affect society later, so it's vital to develop an inviting educational system that brings out the very best in our students. I look forward to listening to parents, students, and other community members in this endeavour. My particular focus is on enhancing special needs programs despite reduced funding and on making greater strides in getting better access to mental health resources in schools.

For a SIGN: email marie4trustee@gmail.com

To DONATE: eTransfer to marie4trustee@gmail.com

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About Me

I've lived in Waterloo Region my entire life, starting school at Winston Churchill, then on to MacGregor and WCI, topped off with a victory lap at KCI. Then I went to WLU for an undergrad in philosophy and MA in Religion and Culture, then Western for teacher's college focusing on art and history, with a Specialist in Special Education. 


I'm a newly retired teacher up for a new challenge. I taught civics, social sciences, and philosophy at KCI for 30 years, where I organized board-wide conferences on gender equity and on race relations, ran a film festival for student films across public and separate boards, and focused on several environmental efforts like the OneEarth club, Envirothon and EcoSchools competitions, and a yearly Earthfest music festival. I became a teacher to help to engage students who, like me as a teen, sometimes struggled to recognize the benefits of an excellent education. I want to continue helping students get the best education possible. 


I'm great at making very complex concepts clear and easy to understand, which is useful for the job of a trustee. I review and critique books, documentaries, and lectures to create my own student resources at Thrice Removed. I'm also an avid cyclist and might have waved at you on the Bamburg Loop! I live in Waterloo with my three kids and many pets, where I've recently added to the cacophony by taking up the ukulele.

Donate or Volunteer

Ideally, running for office shouldn't cost any money, and I plan to keep costs very low, but advertising can be an expensive necessity to get my name out there. Any donated funds will go towards fliers and posters.

Please attach your full name and address to any donations for my records.  

  • Donations are limited to residents of Ontario.

  • Municipal campaign donations are not eligible for political tax credits.

  • The maximum donation is $1,200 per person. 

  • CASH donations can only be up to $25.

  • CHEQUES can be picked up at your home or workplace. Email me for pick up: marie4trustee@gmail.com

  • eTRANSFERS can be made to marie4trustee@gmail.com -- please include your address/email. 

Request a Sign

Email marie4trustee@gmail.com to request a sign for your private property. All signs will be picked up again by October 27th. 

If you have time to distribute flyers, put up signs, or knock on doors, send me an email marie4trustee@gmail.com

letting me know how you'd like to help. It's also a huge help if you can spread the word on social media or are willing to have a sign for your yard! 

           Canvassing by bike - 25 km to New Hamburg!                   At the Labour Council Picnic (on the right).

How to Vote

Who Can Vote

  • To vote, you must be a Canadian citizen, at least 18 years old, and, to vote for trustees running for Waterloo/Wilmot, you must be a resident of the City of Waterloo or Township of Wilmot .

  • See if you're on the voter registration list here. 

  • Students living away from home can vote in their current city AND where their permanent home is. 

Which Candidates to Look Into
Munici​pal elections can be a bit complicated with so many choices, so 
I put all the following information on Google docs. You can make a copy to add your own notes and/or print it out! --> One for Waterloo and one for Wilmot.

  • Find which Waterloo Ward or Wilmot Ward you live in.

  • ​See the list of Waterloo candidates and Wilmot candidates

  • Check out their websites to help choose which candidates fit best with your own vision of Waterloo/Wilmot.

  • NOTE: You don't have to vote for each position. You can vote for just one or a few and leave the rest blank. 

  • You're allowed to bring your list of choices with you when you vote!

In Waterloo, you get to vote for a Mayor, a Ward Councillor, a Regional Chair, and two Regional councillors. Then choose to support either the English Public, English Separate, French Public, or French Separate School Board. In the English Public School Board (WRDSB), you can vote for UP to THREE trustees who are running in Waterloo/Wilmot.

In Wilmot, you get to vote for a Mayor, a Township Councillor for your ward (up to two in Ward 4 - New Hamburg), a Regional Chair, and, in the English Public School Board, up to three trustees who are running in Waterloo/Wilmot. 

How, When, and Where to Vote​​


  • You can vote EARLY at Advanced Polls Oct. 8 10am-4pm (Rec Complex); Oct. 11-14 10am-3pm (Waterloo City Centre); Oct. 14 2pm-8pm (Albert McCormick); Oct. 15 10am-4pm (Rec Complex), and Oct 16 10am-4pm (RIM Park). See the City of Waterloo website for more details.

  • Voters with disabilities are encouraged to vote at the Waterloo City Centre on all advance voting days and on Voting Day. 

  • You can vote by MAIL using this online form.


  • Wilmot Township is using online and telephone voting for this election. You can vote at any time from Friday, October 14 at 12:00 a.m. to Monday, October 24 at 8:00 p.m.

  • In-Person Voting will NOT take place on voting day (October 24). You can vote in person on Saturday Oct. 15, Sunday Oct. 16, Saturday Oct. 22, and Sunday Oct. 23. 

  • Locations for in-person voting will be posted here

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