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  • Marie Snyder

On Showing Your Cards

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

I'm showing them!! People keep telling me not to let people know what I stand for until after the election, and that doesn't sit well with me. Others have told me to choose my words more carefully and avoid words like "equity" or "inclusion" because it will turn people off. It's the one type of advice I've gotten across the board, from everyone who is trying to help me, yet I'm ignoring it.

I get it. I get that it's all a popularity contest and you don't want to say that one thing that gets people to avoid your name on the ballot. But I hate that so much. I hate hearing the word salad of some politicians who get very good at skirting around questions and/or refocusing on saving you money or attacking other parties, and then they win, and we're all horrified. I guess the reality is that I hate that underhandedness more than I love the ideas of serving my community as a trustee. Maybe that's selfish of me - risking a negative outcome in schools because I failed to get a seat at the table for following my ideals, but it's worth it if it works. And then maybe it can catch on!!

I'm not naive, but I'm going to be fully honest and upfront anyway - a less offensive Bulworth perhaps. So I'm going to think of this as running an experiment. My hypothesis: It is possible to win an election while presenting all views and ideas clearly and openly and answering questions as honestly as possible.

We'll find out!

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